How do I find contact information for Harvard students, faculty, and staff?

Are there campus tours for visitors?

Visitors are welcomed from all over the world to Harvard University. Harvard campus tours are available, as well as graduate and undergraduate admissions tours:

Visit the Harvard University Information Center for general information about the campus. Directions by public transportation and by car are also available.

What do all those letters stand for?

University organizational names can be unwieldy, and Harvard students, faculty, and staff often reduce these names to abbreviations or acronyms for simplification. In the list below, Harvard acronyms are paired with links to the organizations to which they refer.

Does Harvard offer free courses?

Cross-Registration Course Catalog

This catalog is primarily for use by current students for cross-registration between Schools.  The searchable catalog lists over 8,000 courses offered at Harvard University from over 100 departments and includes course descriptions, faculty, meeting times, and links to syllabuses and textbook information.

Additionally, courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are included to facilitate cross-registration by eligible Harvard students into MIT.  These courses are taught at MIT, by MIT instructors, and are subject to MIT policies.

We invite you to explore the full breadth and depth of Harvard’s academic offerings, searching by calendar period, school, and keyword.

Where can I find information about undergraduate financial aid?

Your financial circumstances have never kept you from great achievement, and they will not keep you from Harvard. Applying for financial aid will not hinder your application, regardless of your citizenship. We provide the support you need to get here by working closely with you to understand your family’s individual circumstances.